The exhibition Home on the Streets, uploaded in its entirety, comprised 14 large canvasses, 1 watercolour and 20 charcoal drawings executed by the artist from 1989 to 1994. The exhibition opened in San Francisco (1994) and travelled to Los Angeles (1996) and Florence (1997).

“Homelessness is a universal tragedy, varying only in size and scope, in every large city in America. Most of us turn our eyes away from this scene out of a sense of shame, denial or rejection, but Marco Sassone, with the penetrating eyes of a skilled artist, has seen our faces in the faces of those we call “homeless,” and has heard in their stories the misery, despair, and agony from which many in our society are separated only by a thread.”
Mayor Tom Bradley, Home on the Streets. Exhibition Catalogue.
“In his desolate landscapes, perspective is used to implicate us in the general moral decay: it sucks the eye forcefully back to the horizon of some lost and archetypal modern city, whose unattainable distance denies the material salvation its shining structures seem to promise.”
Peter Clothier, Home on the Streets. Exhibition Catalogue.
There is true technical brilliance here…In the drawings his technique seems to discover fresh descriptive possibilities each time out.”
Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle, 1994
“The cruel phenomenon to which Sassone bears witness is one which the Florentine painter has confronted for some time, having lived in San Francisco for almost 30 years. His painting style which is powerful and disturbed, as expressionistic as that of Keifer or Kossof, in which the contemporary element is a distortion of the perspective that adds a sense of disconnectedness to the uneasiness that the images inspire.”
Paola Bortolotti, La Nazione, Florence, 1997

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